If you are thinking about majoring in Mass Communications, or already have, you may be wondering what type of jobs you will be able to get once you have graduated with the degree. This article will help you explore potential careers for graduates. Some people think of a communications degree as the one many people get when they cannot decide. This may or may not be true, but it does hold the potential for employment in some very interesting industries.

Journalism careers are very common for communications graduates. Journalism does not only limit you to writing for a newspaper. You could write for a popular blog, be a TV news reporter, an editor, a video journalist, and more. We will always need people to find and tell the news. This can be quite an exciting job. If you are interested in doing this, you may wish to get an internship with a media company prior to graduation. Additionally, try to get a column in the student newspaper, or, alternatively, become a news writer for the college radio station.

Another exciting industry available to communications graduates is TV and Broadcasting. There is a wide variety of jobs available here, depending on your interests and skills. Everything from radio announcer to television lighting director are jobs you can get with a communications degree. Make sure you explore your options early and figure out what type of jobs you like best. Then, make sure to work at your college’s radio or TV station. Also, try to get at least one internship before graduating. Not only do internships provide great, real-world experience, they often allow you to make industry connections before graduating as well.

If you would rather go into a business job, which would likely make you more money in the long run, communications major are utilized in a variety of roles. Some of the most common are in marketing, business analysts and public relations. These are roles that you can do in a very large, Fortune 100 business, or a very small, local business. It is up to you and your career goals.

Another great option, for those who love to help people, is education. You can become a communications teacher, speech teacher, or media librarian in a school or college. You will be helping people learn whilst utilizing the skills gained in your degree program.

A last option, would be to go to graduate school. This would let you specialize your communications degree as well as get a few more years experience prior to entering the workforce. However, please note that a master’s degree is not necessary for getting a job in these fields.

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