What Can You Do With A Communications Degree?

Students who earn a communications degree are known to have a plethora of diverse skills that may be applied to a variety of areas. Individuals may find themselves well fit to function in advertising, marketing, media, writing, event planning, public relations, or other business related areas. Communications majors are versed in both written and spoken word through their education, making them a valuable asset to their employers.

Since the business arena encompasses so many different careers, those who have earned a communications degree often find themselves drawn to this field. Marketing and advertising are the two largest divisions located in the business sector. Those who are interested in marketing often find themselves well-suited for a position as a market research analyst. These individuals research, analyze, and gather data about certain products their company is producing. They gauge the effectiveness of current marketing strategies, and deliver the progress report to their company, along with suggestions about how to increase customer satisfaction and overall profit. Advertising areas that are geared towards communications professions include copywriting, the media department, the account planning department, and the account managing department. All of these divisions focus on different aspects, but all have the same end goal: to create effective advertising. Advertising may include brochures, ads, commercial jingles, etc.

If public relations (PR) is more your area, first figure out what kind of company fits your wants and needs. Large companies offer lots of opportunities, a huge PR team, and typically have a high reputation in the PR world. Smaller PR firms are more local and community-focused than their larger counterparts. A company that is not so big will likely have their employees responsible for more than one job. These businesses do not have the luxury of a big PR team, where each person can focus on one task, and one task only. The other bonus of a smaller PR firm is the opportunity to help this business grow and develop. Those who choose to work in these specific public relations organizations often become invaluable to the company because of their role in helping to progress the company. The other public relations option is to work for a non-profit organization. These places will focus on a specific mission, such as the environment, helping children, etc.

Since communication majors have great written communication skills, some find a career writing and editing, either in a freelance medium or for a company. Companies are always searching for individuals who understand and know how to correctly use grammar, prepositions, alliteration, compound and complex sentences, where to put commas, etc. Being able to both write and edit your own work is also a big plus.

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