Why I Want to Be a Communications Major

The thing is: the world loves a Communications Major! I will be starting college in fall 2009 and I do not know what sort of job I want yet, but I have discovered the study of communications. You see, wherever you go and whatever you do, you are going to have to communicate with others, even if it is just with your fellow Tree Frog researchers. Certainly you do not want to be stuck in the Amazon doing six months worth of field research and not be able to get along with our other Tree Frog enthusiasts, now do you? And probably you would like to get along with the locals as well, am I right? This is where a specialized knowledge of communication is going to come in very, very handy.

Not only that, but virtually all employees want workers who have strong verbal skills, who can work well in teams, and who are congenial. Millions of polls asking employers what their top “most desired” qualities in a worker would list “good communication skills.” If you have ever worked at a job with people who were not good communicators, you know exactly what I mean here. In fact, Brian Tracy (a top personal business consultant in the world) in Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life says the highest paid form of intelligence in the United States is interpersonal intelligence.

A person with such acumen understands other’s emotions and desires, and employers are willing to pay for someone with these skills. Society is a form of communication and having a degree in communication studies opens a lot of doors no matter what field you go into.

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